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Polar Storm

aka Polar
1999 15.3 hand Thourghbred/Irish Draught gelding
Sire: Brandenburg's Windstar
Dam: Ashley W, by Aye's Turn

Katie first saw Polar as a yearling standing in the field and thought he was the cutest little horse she'd ever seen - she instantly felt that she just had to have him! It has been especially exciting for Katie to bring Polar along - she is still the only one to have ridden him!

Polar is a huge charmer and has tons of presence. He is the friendliest horse and just loves everybody. He demands attention, which of course everybody gives him - if there is more than one person in the barn he believes somebody's job is to pet him. His ego is huge and he already has a fan club which keeps growing.

Polar thinks life is all play and no work. Which can make trot sets and hacking fun as he finds ways to entertain himself! He is a very talented horse, the best that Katie has ridden. He is fabulous in dressage and a very clever and bold jumper. His talents will surely take him and Katie far in the future.

In 2005 Polar successfully moved up to the Preliminary level, placing 3rd at Rubicon, 4th at Middleburg, 1st at Waredaca, and 6th at the Area II Open Preliminary Championships which was held at the Virginia Horse Center.

Despite missing the spring season due to Katie's broken ankle, 2006 was a successful year. Polar won at Waredaca, was 3rd at Maryland I, and 5th at Waredaca. Katie and Polar then successfully moved up to Intermediate at Loudoun with a clear cross country! The year was capped off by placing 6th at Morven CCI* finishing on their dressage score.

In 2007, Polar and Katie competed at the Intermediate level, placing 2nd at Sporting Days, 5th at Pine Top, 7th at Fair Hill, and 4th at Five Points, and successfully completing the Ocala CCI**.

The start of 2008 was a successful one. Polar and Katie moved up to Advanced at The Fork with a clear stadium and a great cross country with only a technical run out! They went on to place 8th in the CIC** at Fair Hill and then placed 8th in Advanced at Five Points. They finished the year by returning to the Fair Hill CCI** and ran a great clear cross country!

In 2009 Polar confirmed himself as an Advanced horse. He placed 7th at Pine Top, 6th Southern Pines, had a near foot perfect xc round at The Fork CIC3*, and was 8th at Fair Hill. Polar finished the Spring season by placing 16th at Jersey Fresh CCI3*!

In 2010 Polar placed 12 at Jersey Fresh CCI3*. At Advanced in the fall he was 3rd at Millbrook, moving up from 10th with one of a few clear stadium rounds! He went on to win at Five Points!!

2011 Polar started out the season with a 3rd at Morven in Intermediate. Unfortunatly in May Polar requried colic surgery. He recovered well and was able to do two Intermediates at the end of the year.

Polar was back in 2012. Due to finances he had a bit of a light year. He placed 6th in the Advanced at Jersey Horse Trials, a great round at Richland with a clear xc. Finished out the season at Fair Hill CCI2* with another clear xc.

The 2013 spring season went really well. Polar placed 3rd at Morven in Intermediate, 9th in the CIC3* at Fair Hill, and 16th at Bromont in the CCI3*! Polar finished the year by completing Fair Hill CCI3*.

Polar was retired in 2014. He's enoying life and is fat and happy! He can get as dirty as he wants!

[more photos of Polar]

Two T's

aka T's
2001 16 hand Thoroughbred gelding
Sire: Rinka Das
Dam: Twofox
Owner: Georgiana Pardo

T's has an interesting back story. He had a long race career, racing until he was seven, starting on the flat track at Charles Town and then an attempt at steeplechasing. He wasn't happy as a racehorse and was difficult to ride. Riders at the track started refusing to ride him. He ended up at the barn next to Katie to try steeplechasing. Katie was over there often while breaking in a group of babies and saw T's being ridden on the road several times. He was a bit crazy and you couldn't have paid Katie enough to ride him! After the manager/trainer left things went downhill for T's and he wasn't going to end up in a good situation. Julia, who was managing the barn at the time called Georgiana (who's husband was one of his exercise riders and he rode him in a Point-To-Point) and told her she needed to get the horse. Georgiana called Katie and asked if she would take him in to train and sell. Katie reluctantly agreed. (Guess she can be bought!)

T's has now become one of Katie's favorite rides! He has come a long way from flying around sideways with his head in the air. He's a beautiful mover, careful in stadium, and is becoming a cross country machine! T's has become a very happy and relaxed horse.  Though on occassion he gets wound up in jump warmup and goes flying sideways! As T's and Katie have made a great pair Georgiana decided he is not for sale and to leave him where he is happy! Katie is very grateful for the opportunity to keep the ride on T's. She is very proud of how far he has come and the changes he has made both mentally and physically.

T's started eventing at BN in 2009. He placed 2nd at Difficult Run then moved up to Novice.

In 2010 T's placed 2nd at Morven in Novice. He then moved up to Training finishing the year with a 6th at Loudoun and Morven, and a 2nd at Rubicon.

2011 started off with a 4th at CDCTA. T's moved up to Prelim at Loudoun placing 6th!

Two T's finished out the 2012 season with a 5th at Middleburg and 4th at Morven, both at Training.

T's started the 2013 season at Training and placed 7th at Sporting Days and 3rd at Loudoun. He moved back up to Prelim at Seneca and placed 5th! He went double clear at Maryland II and complete the Area II Prelim Championships to finish out 2013.

In 2014 T's won in Prelim at Loudoun Spring Horse Trials. While he was jumping better than ever he started to have very uncharacteristic stops. We discovered that he has cataracts in both eyes.  T's is remaining in work. We will see what we do compteting wise. 

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Past Horses:


Manor Queen

aka Josie (Jockey Club - Josh's Slew)
2003 16.1 hand Thoroughbred mare
Sire: Native Slew
Dam: Josh's Dancer

Josie was purchased off the track in the fall of her fourth year, for the sole purpose of resale - a great plan that totally backfired! She quickly showed what kind of horse she is, both personality and performance wise, and Katie simply isn't able to part with her.

Josie believes she rules the barn, hence her show name. Even though she likes to pretend she full of sass and vinegar, she is a total sweetheart. When she knows you will ask her and not tell her, she is really easy to work with - but she will test new people! She is the easiest horse to train that Katie has ever ridden - it only takes part of a ride to teach her something new. Josie is super talented, she definitely has the movement and jump to be competitive at the upper levels.

Josie started her event career in 2008 with a bang. At Novice she placed 2nd at the Maryland Short Course, 5th at Waredaca, 1st at the Maryland HT and 5th Marlborough. Katie is very excited about her future!

In Spring of 2009 Josie started moving up the levels with successful moves up to Training and Prelim!

In 2010 Josie placed 4th in the Prelim at Loudoun and 3rd in the Training at Rubicon. Unfortunatly due to complications from an injury sustained at the track Josie was retired in the summer. She is now with Jim and Carolyn Miller at Greenstone Farm. She has been approved as a Premium Mare with R.S.P.I.! She is loving her job as a mom and is great at it!

Josie had a bay colt by Orleandro in 2012. She had a beautiful chestnut filly by Flint GSF in 2013. She had a bay filly by Furest Rendition in 2014 who we unfortunately lost. She is currently in foal to Fandago GSF. 


Grey Expectations

aka Irish
2000 16.1 hand Irish Sport Horse Gelding

Irish was imported as a foxhunter during his as a five year old. Kim Pribble ended up buying him. Kim sent Irish to Katie in the spring of 2008 with the intention of having a month or two of training to help her decide whether to keep or sell him. He did so well that Kim had Katie event him for the year.

While he might not be that tall, Irish is a big boy, different from Katie's normal rides! He has a great personality, always good for a laugh. He is the comedian of the barn and likes to find clever ways to entertain us! Aside from the occasional bolting in warm up, he is a great ride and always tries his best to please. He is a fantastic jumper, very bold and careful!

Irish went to his first event in May '08, winning in Novice at the Maryland Short Course. He then moved up to Training and after only two events at Training he moved up to Prelim. Five and a half months after he went into training from standing around in a field, and a mere four and a half months after his first event ever (!), Irish successfully completed Morven Park CCI*!!

Irish was sold to a Young Rider in 2008. She did very well with him. They represented Area 1 on the 1* team twice at NAYRC! With Jennie in college Irish is back with Katie to find his new partner! More information on the sale page



aka Pris
1994 16.1 hand Oldenburg/Thourghbred mare
Owner: Lisa Snyder

Pris was sent to Katie in May of 2004. She had not done much before she came to Katie for training, but has really taken to Eventing! She and Katie are getting along really well and have developed a unique partnership. She always tries hard for Katie and wants to please.

Pris is very laid back in the barn and is deceptively quiet! She is full of go under saddle, especially when it comes to jumping! She is a fabulous mover and a bold jumper. Katie is excited about her future!

Fall of 2004 was Pris's first season Eventing and she went Novice, placing nearly every time out. She was 3rd at Waredaca and Rubicon and won at Fair Hill and CDCTA. In 2005 Pris moved up to Training, winning at Surefire I, 3rd at Surefire II, and 4th at CDCTA.

In 2006, Pris placed 4th at Fair Hill and 3rd at Seneca. She then successfully moved up to Prelim and placed 2nd at Maryland I.

Pris has been retired from eventing.

[more photos of Pristine]


Desert Mirage II

aka Mirage
1995 15.1 hand Thourghbred/Connemara mare
Owner: Lisa Snyder
Sire: Kempe, Dam: Taps

Mirage is a Riverside Farm homebred. She was a green broke six year old when Katie started to working with her, and she didn't think much of her at first. Mirage quickly changed Katie's opinion! What Mirage lacks in size she makes up in heart. She is incredibly sweet and easy to work with. She is a good mover and a very athletic and bold jumper.

Mirage quickly moved up in the levels of Eventing. She only competed at two Training level events, winning her last one at Waredaca in 2002. She then successfully moved up to Preliminary. After a hard winter going into the 2004 season, Katie started Mirage out in Training at Jumping Branch, which she won.

Shortly after Jumping Branch Mirage was sold to Lisa Snyder in Suffolk, VA. Katie was sad to see Mirage go, but Lisa assured her that they would come back for lessons. Turns out that Katie gets to see Mirage very often, and even continues to compete her! Lisa is a member of the Air National Guard and when she is out of town, or country, she sends Mirage to Katie for continued training. In the fall of 2004, Katie and Mirage competed at several Training level events. They were 3rd at Olney, 2nd at Seneca, and 9th at the American Eventing Championships. In 2005, Mirage and Katie were 4th in the Training level at MCTA; 6th Loudoun at Preliminary; and 9th at Training level at the American Eventing Championships.

[more photos of Mirage]


The Arizonian

aka Dean
1989 16.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding

Dean became a new addition to Katie's string in August 2005. He is the first horse that has come to Katie as an experienced event horse - Dean has competed up to and won at the Intermediate level, and was on the Area X NAYRC One-Star team two times. Katie has been friends with his previous owner, Justine Davis, since the early 90's. When Justine's job kept her from riding, she graciously gave Dean to Katie to continue competing.
Dean has his quirks and is quite the character; one of his more notable traits is that he tongue was nerved while he was on the track. He likes to play with it and spends most of the time with it hanging out. Katie and Dean have begun to figure each other out and they are starting to have a great partnership. 

In 2005, Dean and Katie got off to a great start by winning their Training division at Elysian Hills, and having clear cross country rounds in both their of their Preliminary runs.

Due to soundness issues Dean was retired spring of 2006.


Top Notch

aka Nick
1982 16 hand Thourghbred gelding
Sire: Go Step
Dam: Blow Me A Kiss

Nick has had several careers. He was on the track in California until he was eight with fifty-four starts! A racing gate accident ended that career. For the next year he worked as a trail horse and herded cows. After his down time from the track he was sold to Colorado. Katie bought him as a green 10 year old.

Nick and Katie developed a great partnership over the next eight years. Katie competed Nick through First Level Dressage with several championships. They also competed at a few Novice events. Nick then came out with Katie to Virginia in 1998. Quickly moving up the levels in Eventing they went clear at two Training events and moved up to Preliminary. Nick retired after the CDCTA 2-Day in May 2000. Nick and Katie placed 9th with a clear stadium and cross country!

Nick was always the business man. For the most part he was quiet and laid back. He fired up when he needed to! Nick is now living the life of luxury at Katie’s parent’s farm in Colorado.

[more photos of Nick]


Next Horizon

aka Wells
In loving memory 1997-10/2004






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